Why Outsource Social Media?

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Why Outsource Social Media?

I’m hearing a repetitive theme from organisations I’m meeting with lately. It goes something along the lines of:

“We know we need to have a Social Media presence to engage our target market/s, so we went ahead, assigning the task to the staff member who was the most available, enthusiastic, knowledgeable or youthful (they must know about Social media right?)

Until the realisation some months on that their representation on Social Media has been erratic (some report weeks or even months between posts and unanswered queries from customers/followers), lacking tangible goals (so no clear ROI) and bearing little or no relation to the organisation’s business plan or brand. In addition, they have achieved very little ‘reach’, meaning they’ve practically been talking to themselves.

Here’s some things to consider before you launch your organisation into the world of Social Media:

1. Why do you want your business on Social Media? What are your objectives?

2. How will you meet those objectives – what are the best channels and methods to reach your goals/audience and what are your competitors doing in the world of Social Media?

3. How will you know if you’ve succeeded in meeting your objectives? What measurements or Key Performance Indicators will you use to show a clear return on investment?

4. What are the risks for your organisation in the Social Media arena and how will you mitigate them?

Outsourcing your organisation’s Social Media means engaging an experienced Social Media Manager who will consider all of the above and more to guide them as they represent your organisation, using Social Media current best practice as they regularly curate, create and publish content on your behalf.

A simple but effective approach, that ensures consistency with your overall business and marketing objectives and produces measurable results for your investment in Social Media Marketing.